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You know that everyone should have a Will – without one your wishes may not be carried out how you would like. By making a Will now you are resolving issues around property, assets, businesses, and guardianship for children, so that when the time comes you know your loved ones will be protected.


Lasting Power of Attorney

What happens if you need help with your property or finances, or health and care, whilst you are still here but can’t do it for yourself? By making a Lasting Power of Attorney you are nominating a trusted person or people (your Attorneys) to make these decisions on your behalf – if you are unable to do so.


Family Trusts

 Maybe you wouldn’t want a beneficiary to inherit directly, or you want to avoid the risk of ‘sideways disinheritance’ (a surviving partner remarries, potentially excluding children or even an entire side of the family from inheritance). A Family Trust may be the right solution for you – talk to us about your options.


Property Ownership

There are a number of issues around Property Ownership that we can help to resolve. Whether adding or removing a name, transferring a title to someone else, changing how a property is owned (jointly or as tenants in common), or even registering a property for the first time.


Funeral Plans

A prepaid Funeral Plan lets you plan for the send-off you want whilst locking in the cost at today’s prices, saving your loved ones worry and expense when the time comes. Through our partners we are able to offer a range of bespoke plans for every preference and budget.



This is the process for winding-up and distributing your Estate when you are no longer with us, usually carried out by your Executors. Many people can find this a long, complicated, and stressful process, and that’s where we can help. Whether you just need a bit of help finding where assets are held, or submitting forms to the authorities.

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