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Why do you need a Will?

Did you know that almost 70% of adults don’t have a Will in place?  There are plenty of reasons for this including being unable to make decisions on beneficiaries or guardians, not finding someone they can trust with sufficient knowledge or empathy to understand their concerns or even by that making one it might somehow hasten their own demise.

Without a valid Will in place then you have no way of guaranteeing the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who will look after my children?  Without a Will, it will fall to Social Services.
  2. Who will administer my estate once I’ve gone? Are you happy for a stranger to do this that you don’t know or trust?
  3. Who will inherit my wealth?  Wouldn’t you prefer to know it goes to the right people and not just the State?

Preparing your Will ensures that your children are looked after by the people that you chose and that your spouse/partner and children and other rightful beneficiaries will inherit the wealth you have created.  

Without professional guidance, much of your hard-earned money might end up in the wrong hands or be lost completely.

Taking professional advice on the drafting of your Will and updating it regularly as your circumstances change is the only way to be sure that your wishes will be known and your family fully safeguarded.

Our caring team at Mendy and Watt will take the time to understand your individual circumstances, your concerns and of course your requirements.  We will listen to you and guide you through the process of creating a valid Will that meets your needs – whether that is something simple or a more comprehensive solution.  

Let us review your Will

Do you already have a Will? Are you concerned or confused by any recent changes in legislation and the impact on your Will?

There are many reasons you might concerned about the validity of your Will. Wills can contain errors – regardless of who they were drafted by – these can create major problems when it comes to the administration of your estate. Perhaps the Will hasn’t been signed and witnessed properly, or there may be changes to legislation or your own personal situation.

Get in touch to let us help with a review.

When should you update your will?

A change may be required to your Will for any reason including one or more of the following:

  • Divorce or Marriage
  • The arrival of children/grandchildren
  • An inheritance
  • A death in the family
  • A new partner/spouse/step-child(ren)
  • You now wish to make specific or monetary gifts to family, friends or charities
  • A more comprehensive Will to guard against long term care, inheritance tax or (re)marriage of your partner/spouse once you’ve gone is now required

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