Inheritance Tax Planning Cheshire 

Most important to our clients, is being able to pass inheritance on to their loved ones. We work hard throughout our lives to ensure they have something once we’re gone. Without a comprehensive estate plan in place and the right Inheritance Tax planning, there is a risk some of your assets and wealth could end up in the hands of HMRC after you pass away. 
This means your family and friends won’t benefit as favourably as they should. 
The most important step is making your will and keeping it up to date. You need to appoint a dependable executor, as this is the person responsible for ensuring the IHT bill is paid out of your estate. 
We can advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances. All our advisors are fully trained and compliant with the latest IHT regulations and we incorporate inheritance tax planning into our service – this may include Trusts and/or gifting. 
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